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Explore the Top Coffee Shops in Durham, NC

If you’re like most people, you start your day with a cup of joe. You likely have a favorite coffee shop in your hometown, but when you’re traveling, you can experience what other cities have to offer. We’ve rounded up our favorite coffee shops in Durham, so you can decide for yourself which is best. Whether you prefer coffee, tea, hot chocolate, or you need a quick bite; there’s something here for you.

When it comes to things to do in the Bull City, trying delicious coffee is just the start! Request our free online Durham, NC Vacation Guide, so you can navigate the area like a local.

Discover the City’s Most Charming and Unique Cafés

Cocoa Cinnamon

First up, Cocoa Cinnamon. If you’re looking for coffee and chocolate together you can’t miss this spot. The shop offers fantastic coffee as well as sipping chocolate. Haven’t tried sipping chocolate yet? Think thick, rich, velvety chocolate blended with cream and served at the perfect temperature to sip. With three locations around Durham, it’s extremely convenient no matter where you’re exploring.

Bean Traders

Bean Traders is definitely one of the best-known coffee shops in Durham. They roast their own beans and even sell them wholesale. The shop focuses on local and sustainable practices as well as community charity. It’s also a great place to get a quick treat like bagels, scones, cinnamon rolls, and more.

Cloche Coffee

If you love coffee and house plants, Cloche Coffee is about to be your new favorite place. A cloche is a glass covering used to protect plants and allow them to continue to grow in cold temperatures. The coffee bar uses its space as a giant cloche to grow hundreds of plants, cultivate good energy, and encourage personal growth. You can even buy one of the plants if you’d like!

The Oak House Durham

You’ll find the Oak House Durham in the heart of Downtown Durham on West Main Street. They roast and use Caballo Rojo Coffee in-house. Straight from Caballo Rojo’s website, it “is a Latina founded and female-owned coffee roasting company that focuses on creating great coffee and having positive community impact.” When it comes to Durham coffee, you’ll probably hear the Oak House or Caballo Rojo come up.

Joe Van Gogh

With one location in Old West Durham and one in South Durham, you can try Joe Van Gogh whatever you’re doing. There is also a coffee shop in Chapel Hill as well as Raleigh. They do their own coffee roasting and are known for having a great cold brew.

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