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Durham’s Best Places to Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth

Valentine’s Day is rapidly approaching, so hopefully you have something special planned for your sweetheart like a romantic stay at our luxury bed and breakfast in Durham. But if you’re more of a year-round romantic, or perhaps you and your sweetheart just have a serious sweet tooth, there are plenty of places right here in Durham that have made chocolate, cupcakes, and all things sweet their specialty!

First up, Cocoa Cinnamon. If you’re looking for coffee and chocolate together you can’t miss this spot. This cozy little spot near downtown Durham offers fantastic coffee as well as sipping chocolate. Haven’t tried sipping chocolate yet? Think thick, rich, velvety chocolate blended with cream and served at the perfect temperature to sip and savor the full flavor of chocolate.

If you’re looking for more traditional baked sweet treats, head over to Scratch. Everything from pies, to muffins, and other delicious pastries, making a choice of what to try at Scratch will be a tough decision to make. To make things even more interesting they feature ingredients from local farms and producers to help give their treats the unique taste of Durham.

While you’re downtown it certainly wouldn’t hurt to swing by Monuts Donuts. Here you can satisfy your sweet tooth with exotic concoctions like chocolate chai or chocolate covered strawberry donuts.

Finally, we suggest you head over to Brightleaf Square and check out the sweet side of Rose’s Meat Market and Sweet Shop. Like so many of our favorite places in Durham they bring their own unique twist to traditional favorites like fruit galettes, panna cotta, and meringues.

So don’t think chocolates and sweets are only for Valentine’s Day, especially here in Durham!