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Durham Highlight: American Tobacco Campus 

When you’re excited to expand your itinerary during your next trip to Durham, taking some time to explore the American Tobacco Campus is a must. Located at 300 Blackwell Street, the American Tobacco Campus is both a historic tobacco factory complex as well as a vibrant entertainment and event hub within the parameters of modern-day Durham. Here, you can dive into history, enjoy exciting gatherings, or simply spend time browsing the many eateries and shops waiting to be discovered.

Things to Do During Your Visit 

Making your way to the American Tobacco Campus during your Durham getaway means enjoying time within easy reach of local theaters, event venues, a YMCA, amazing eateries, barber shops, and historic architecture as well. When you have cravings to curb, the American Tobacco Campus has offerings ranging from Southern fare and Southwest specialties to Japanese cuisine, burgers, sandwiches, steaks, and more. The Dining Lab is found in this area where students at the International Culinary School delight patrons with the dishes they’re designing daily. There are taprooms to check out at the American Tobacco Campus and you’ll find this destination if frequently the location of annual festivals and events as well.

A Unique Testament to History 

The American Tobacco Campus’ history dates back all the way to the Civil War when soldiers from North Carolina found the local bright leaf cured tobacco from home was a hit among other troops. After the war, tobacco peddlers William Thomas Blackwell and John Ruffin Green capitalized on this popularity by opening the Genuine Bull Durham Smoking Tobacco company in 1868. Today, the area that hosted this thriving enterprise still holds 14 historic buildings and three additional structures that were built between 1874 and 1950. They were added to the National Register of Historic Places in 2000 and today, meticulous restoration has transformed the area into a local cultural center enjoyed by visitors and locals alike. 

Event Venues On-Site 

If you’re heading to Durham for an event or large gathering, the American Tobacco Campus is a premiere place to host the experience. Bay 7 can accommodate anywhere from 70 to 400 guests at a time and boasts 10,000 square feet of entertainment space within a century-old brick and wood building. Bay 7 is loved for its panoramic windows, wrap-around balcony, and hardwood flooring as well. American Underground at Main is another popular space in this area when you’re looking to host your meeting or event for 6 to 60 at a time. The American Tobacco Campus also has many outdoor venues to enjoy that are ideal for concerts and music festivals too. A highlight of a trip to the American Tobacco Campus for many is time spent at the Durham Bulls Athletic Park.  

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